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I’m Ria, the founder and innovative chef behind Good Food Good Living. My journey with the culinary world began long before I could even reach the kitchen countertop. One of the greatest gifts I inherited from my grandparents is the art of cooking with the Earth’s freshest and finest ingredients, instilling in me generations of cherished customs. Food became my medium for self-expression and a way to honor and share my culture.
I hold a deep belief in the importance of balance for a healthy body and life. Just as some see a glass as half-empty and others as half-full, I always say, “I love to see all of my plates empty,” signifying that food has the remarkable power to connect and unite people. It’s this belief that inspired me to transform my business from a simple catering service into an eco-friendly, sustainable, and health-conscious culinary haven. Good Food Good Living is not just about feeding appetites; it’s about nurturing a sense of community and well-being through the wonderful world of food.

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